I would like to go on a journey, more distant from technology and closer to people. I clung to technology from the years 2006-2015, on September the 1st 2015 I said enough is enough. The self development snowball began to build momentum I managed to bring myself from a computer addict with little real life human connections that binged on fast food and alcohol to a somewhat healthy human that partakes in regular physical activity, reading and tries to connect with others. The 25/04/2016 is where I push this metaphorical snowball off mountain and as I gain momentum I will enjoy the process and see where my snowball lands!

This is a personal journal for myself, to achieve self awareness and an understanding of where I am going right and wrong in life. It will also be a story that I look back on. I may even share it with others close to me.

I need to go on a crazy journey that changes me I want it so bad.

From 25/04/2016 to 01/12/2016